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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy Hump Day all!! As many of you know, Chris and I just moved in a new apartment this weekend. We were living in a sublet for the past three months and it was about time to sign a year lease and fully commit to L.A. After much looking, we stumbled upon this cute three story building on a quite residential street and fell in love with the location and - wait for it - THE BALCONY!! If you live in a big city you will fully understand the perks and excitement of finding an affordable apartment with a balcony, in a good neighborhood. 

At this point our living room is well furnished, however the bedroom is a bit of a blank canvas... All we have in there is a mattress and the box spring. It's so insanely empty that you can hear an echo ever time you carry a conversation. So, my crazy anxious self has already started brainstorming, searching craigslist, and setting up flee market visits this upcoming weekend; in order to fully get this bedroom furnished and decorated! 

These are a few of my favorite, and very affordable, items on my list... beach print / mint vase / marble bust / nightstand/ dresser / furry foot stool 

I am trying to go for a very clean and relaxed look. Nothing too big and bulky (since our room is on the smaller side), and also trying to make it a little bit playful. The bedroom has always been the most important room in my house. I see it as my little sanctuary where I can lay down and forget about all the stressful and annoying things that have happened in my day. Therefore, when it comes to my bedroom space I devote extra attention to color palette and textures. In addition, I love having an uncluttered room so storage is always a must have. I will definitely be needing lots of surface space to keep my perfume bottles, necklaces, and nick knacks. I loved the idea of getting a vintage bust to use as a necklace holder. However, I kinda want to make it unique, so I am trying to go for a masculine figure and instead of a girly one. 

What are you thoughts on bedroom decoration? Do you tend to stick to bedroom sets, or do you venture out and embrace a little mix? Any suggestions of flee markets, thrift stores or consignment stores in the L.A area? Please do share! 


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