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Friday, May 24, 2013

memorial day I mariana hodges for

It is Memorial day Weekend!! Can you believe it? I sure can't... So many things have happened since last Memorial day, that it is hard to believe it has only been ONE year. 

Have you ever stopped to think about how much has changed in your life? How much you have learned and grown in such a small period of time... It never ceases to amaze me how life is incredible in it's own little way. How every little detail that you encounter along your path, is as important as the next big accomplishment. And how that incredibly big accomplishment, most of the time would not have happened without the little ones. Even if that small detail was getting out of bed in the morning, or making yourself a home cooked meal, and even maybe just answering that email you have been putting aside for so long. Little things that make us   stronger individuals, someone that can look forward and not fear whats to come. I often see myself contemplating on my future and the "what if's", and how overwhelming it all can be. However, when I stop to realize what I have accomplished on my own, I can't help but wonder why is it that I fear the future? Is it uncertainty? Or maybe just out-of-the-ordinary stuff? I try to take as many chances in life as I can, because even though it does seem quite scary at first, if you listen to your heart it will all come together as it should! 

This weekend I want to celebrate life as it is. Pat myself on the back for being strong even though there were many moments of weaknesses. And to always look forward to what's to come... 

Anyway, sweet friends, I wanted to leave you with a special note on this well deserved long weekend. So let's all put on our sunglasses and cheers to the good life! I bet your path looks as amazing as mine :)



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