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Thursday, April 25, 2013

A few weeks ago, Chris and I decided to get away from the city and go hiking for a while... It was a very nice spring day and we took advantage of the gorgeous lighting and the warm weather.   

It is incredible how nature can recharge your energy and put you in a calm and relaxed state of mind. There are days that my mind seems to be surrounded by a heavy fog and I can't get my thoughts straight. Little things like a fresh breeze hitting my face ever so gently, cold water running through my hands, and the smell of wet grass, can immediately bring me back to my senses and focus on what really matters. And the truth is that YOU matter! You are important and you deserve every bit of happiness the way you want it to be.  

I once read that comparison is the thief of joy and oh, how this little sentence makes so much sense to me.  It is very common for women to compare themselves to others. Sometimes I see other people tracing a different path and my first reaction is: I should follow! However, that isn't always the right way to go. Every once in a while I encounter a great and successful woman and I immerse myself in the thought that I have to trace every single step they took in order for me to succeed. Yet, can I ever become someone I am not? Deep down inside I know that I will never be able to fit in those shoes, and that there success will not necessarily be mine. In addition to that, following a path that wasn't meant to be mine will most likely lead me to get lost along the way.      

At this point I am still trying to understand what my purpose is and trying to believe in my own potential. Maybe I never will get to fulfill all my goals and objectives in life and there is a good chance that they will change as life happens... Never the less one thing's for sure: I will try my best to have fun, soak up the beautiful things around me, and do good along the way. 

Today I will make a point of being exactly who I am and not who I think people want me to be. I will be silly and playful. Curious and kind. Easygoing and considerate. And will always speak my mind! 


Why don't you join me in and take this initiative yourself? Perhaps if you're not as inspired to do so, take a walk outside and soak up all the beautiful details around you - the light breeze, the warm sunlight, the colorful flowers... I'm sure they will inspire you to be great and do great just the way YOU are. 



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