sometimes all you can do is let go...

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I am back to the Blog Everyday in May challenge! And today the topic is: Letting go... I sure have a few things on my list that I would love to get rid of - personality wise - however, I will focus on one little thing that I have been working on changing as of lately.

Control. One word that holds me down and makes me crazy. If I had to pick one great flaw in my personality this would definitely be it. I hold the weight of the world on my shoulders, and sometimes I wish I could just let go. Most of the time responsibility gets the best out of me and it takes away all my sweet smiles... I take it upon myself to control life - mine and other peoples - and if it ends up not working out exactly the way I planned it (which most of the time it doesn't), I freak out! Freaking out involves, no sleep, countless stomach aches, and crazy attitude towards everyone around me (sorry Chris!). 

Not a very fun situation to be in, right? In the past year, this has happened a handful of times (more that I care to count), and I have learned that this is not the way to live life. How crazy is it that we think we can control life? As if every little thing that happens around us can be predicted... No way this could EVER happen that's for sure. Therefore, I have decided to embrace life as it comes - as crazy and stressful as it can be - and let go! 

Letting go, will allow me to enjoy the present more and not live counting down the seconds for the future. Be happy with what I have accomplished so far and not frustrated that I am not where I imagined I would be. And most of all, it will bring back my playfulness and allow me to be the outgoing person that I love being!  

What would you let go?



  1. I used to have huge control issues as well. So I understand your dilemma completely.


  2. It can be extremely hard to let go of having control, but it sure is worth it! Also, like you said on your post, learning to accept certain things is kind of the first step :) thanks for your sweet words! xoxo, m


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