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Friday, January 4, 2013

hello hello! i recently came across this very special blog a few months ago and was completely taken by the words of kindness and encouragement it spreads out into the virtual world! while reading it during my holiday break, i stumbled upon a post about goal setting. it is actually a journey that goes against the usual boring-never-getting-to-this list type goal setting! i started doing mine on new years eve and wanted to share it with all of you. maybe even inspire a few to go to her blog and do it yourself! ;) the whole idea is to figure out what moves you and to start your year with a passion for life (your life!). it has helped me a lot to write these things down (i recommend doing so) and process the year that has ended in order to discover what my goals will be for the new year. 

first step is to write down things that worked in 2012...

2012 was a very surprising year for me professionally and personally...

1) i started graduate school as a growing opportunity my job offered. at first i was hesitant and - let's be honest - a little scared going into this, but i did great and felt very accomplished! 
2) yoga has always been something that attracted me, but i had never actually committed myself completely  to the practice. i have never been the athletic type and have always hated (not an understatement) the gym! finally this year i decided to give it a try and truly give myself to yoga. it was the best thing i could have ever done! it has definitely change my life and i am so very grateful for it.
3) as you all may remember my very first blog post starting this blog was a dream come true! 
4) credit cards... oh my, such shinny little things that can give you access to all the material loveliness out there... no more!!! i made myself a promise that i need to be grateful for what i have and not be taken away by such things. my commitment was to start the new year with a zero dollar balance and i did it. hooray!
5) i absolutely love being a part of such loving and respectful relationships such as the ones i have with chris and my parents. although completely different types, i am so very grateful to mature along with them and see in what amazing ways our relationships can grow.
6) oh the caribbean....pretty please can i go back to that perfectly blue colored water and white white sand? yes, that is where chris and i went for our late honeymoon (two years after our wedding). but is was so worth the wait! 

now along to step 2. things that did not work... 

1) you know that thing that makes your life complete? something you live for, that makes everything else seem frivolous because you are complete? yep, that is what i have yet to find. personally i am complete, but professionally... not so much! i always read/ hear people talk in such a passionate way about what they do, i want it so very much. it is still something that will be on my list for this year.
2) oh that thing called financial stability... still working on it! didn't work out this year, but i am certain i am on the right track. 
3) it has been very hard for me to move away from my family. i grew up very close to my parents, aunts, cousins, and grandparents and not having them close has been very challenging. i gave myself into loneliness far too many times this past year, but am learning how to overcome it.
4) you know how you always have an excuse when it comes to leaving your comfort zone or doing something you dread?? yep, this did not work for me this year. 
5) no matter what it is, i will try to be more supportive of people i love and not be so annoying with all my "what if" questions. somethings work for me, but that doesn't mean it will work as well for someone else... 

step 3 is fun fun fun!!! things that fires you up...

and i have made a pinterest board to illustrate these things (have i mentioned my obsession over pinterest?). make one as well!!! :) 

ok, so this goal setting has a few more steps. but i will leave it up to you to complete the rest on your own. i still have not yet completed all of mine, but i am taking my time with it. and let's agree that anytime is a good time to set yourself aside for a couple of minutes, hours to focus on what you have accomplished and what you can do better to live a complete happy life. as many of you out there, i always expect a lot of myself and hold myself to the highest standards. but there is no shame in being happy with what you did do even if it not all that perfect. done is better that perfect. specially when you worked hard for it! :) 

here is to a great weekend and until next time!



  1. Hi Mariana! I just stumbled onto your blog from Facebook, never realized you were a blogger. Its great to get an inside look on how you think!!

    I recently made myself some goals for the year, I made sure to make them very specific (ie. go to the gym at least 3 times a week) at also fun (Paint! at least once a week), with short term goals like those above, and long term ones like get a PhD!

    Anyways, its lovely to get some insight into your exciting life. Keep it up!

    PS what are your goals for this year?

    1. Hello! Thank you for the blog love, you are too sweet!
      I didn't set specific goals for this year because every time I do it seams to not work out quite like I planned. So what I did was choose a word - more like a phrase - for my year and try to follow that and make decisions based on it! It seams to be working out so far... :)


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