restaurant hopping {in a tropical territory}

Friday, September 13, 2013

Hello there and welcome back! I am happy to be back to the blogging world and excited to post some extremely gorgeous pictures from our trip to sunny Brazil. Vacations are a funny thing. When I book a flight somewhere the first thing I picture is me laying around, sleeping in and getting foot massages... however, as soon as I arrive at my destination I get an itch to go and see everything and everyone (in this case) and all that laying around never seems to actually happen! 

While in Rio, I made a point to try to see all my lovely family members and friends. And since Brazil has the gatherings usually took place at local restaurants such as this one.

I absolutely love the openness of the building and how colorful the decoration was. The concept of this restaurant was based on topicality and freshness. The food was oh so wonderful, and the fruit decor made my color-loving heart skip a beat! 

If there is one thing I miss about living in a tropical location it would have to be fresh fruit! There is nothing better than ordering a fresh squeezed fruit juice to go along with your meal. And ordering can get me pretty exciting as well. There is no limit in creativity when it comes to combining different fruit and flavors. My personal favorite would have to be strawberry and orange (no sugar, please!)

Oh, and don't forget you can also add some ice and sugar cane rum (called cachaca) to your beverage. Transforming your drink into the famous brazilian caipirinha! 

As for our move (read more here) we have finally set a date. Chris and I will be leaving Virginia on Monday morning and starting our long cross country road trip to Los Angeles. With that said, I am off to tackle boxes and more boxes of random household items for our yard sale tomorrow. Price party!! 



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