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Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Friday lovely friends. I know I have been away for a few days, however my life has turned upside down this week. For the past four months, Chris and I have been doing a lot of soul (and career) searching, deciding if we were going to continue living in D.C or if we were ready to move on. What a hard discussion this was. It is tough enough for one person to make a bold move, can you imagine two people trying to compromise and meet in the middle? Wow! Of course both of us have our own dreams and goals in life, however, since we said the two "little" words, we became a team, and need to think as one. It is funny how before I was married I never expected to go through these things. I mean, people talk about it, but I have always thought that life would take care of such things... Yeah, I was wrong about that! Not that it is bad and most certainly not a negative aspect of being married, you definitely get better (and wiser) at it after a while. 

After long hours of discussion, and maybe a few arguments, we decided it was time for a (big) change! No more trying to make where we are work and setting our dreams aside because of the fear of failure. We decided to chase the perfect weather all the way cross-country in sunny California! 


To be perfectly honest with you, I get butterflies just thinking about this. Even though about 3 years ago, I packed a suitcase and bought myself a one-way plane ticket to Washington, DC it still makes me nervous... You know, the excitement of not knowing what's gonna be there when you turn the corner; the feeling of being able to conquer life as it comes... and beyond that - being able to regret MAKING a decision. We talked a lot about this. Risking our financial stability, my job, living far away from family... However, when you really stop worrying about all that, it is pretty simple. Life is never a certain thing. Everything can change in an instant, making you loose everything without even taking high risks. And family... well, they will always be there for you no matter what. 

Eeekk... I can say I am oh so happy and extremely excited for this great new adventure!

Hope you are having a fantastic Friday and here is to giving into passion, dreams and personal challenges!


p.s: any awesome tips about moving cross-country?? we are newbies at this, so please do share!  
p.p.s: Like the post? Please do share! That is what makes the internet oh so lovely! :) 


  1. That's really exciting! I've moved across the country several times. I recommend selling/getting rid of all of the stuff that doesn't have sentimental value (clothes included--they take up a lot of space!), getting the smallest moving truck and/or trailer that your stuff will fit in, and when you get there, buy what you need (and look at thrift shops first and foremost!).

    Financially planning a move can be tricky too. Chances are that there are going to be more expenses than you anticipate, at least, that's been my experience. Decide how far you want to drive each day, find a place to stop each night, plan a food budget (and stay within it!), plan for fuel, and plan to have at least an extra couple hundred dollars handy just in case.

    And if you know anyone along the way, stay with them instead of in hotels to save yourself some cash.

    Most of all, be flexible! I got food poisoning as we drove from San Diego to Tennessee a few months ago (where we've stayed all summer), which made everything take an extra day. Luckily I learned to be flexible, so all we had to do was make a couple of phone calls and then I stayed in bed for an entire day. I actually could relax and not worry about anything which helped a ton!

    Lastly, I personally hate being rushed. So I suggest that you take your time. Make a fun trip out of it--plan a little bit of sight seeing along the way, especially because you'll get really sick of being cramped up in a car/moving truck by the second day in (not to mention as you drive across the midwest--it's the longest stretch of straight flat roads!).

    Good luck and have fun!!

    1. Hi Janae! we are definitely making a trip out of it and giving plenty of time to enjoy the cities we will be driving through. also, we will be staying with a few friends along the way :) it will definitely make the trip fun and less costly. thank you for all the eye opening tips! xo, m

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