greetings from brazil

Friday, September 6, 2013

This week has been pretty crazy around here. As my previous post mentioned, Chris and I (plus a few of his family members) are in Brazil celebrating our vow renewal. And it has been an emotional roller coaster to say the least! 
Even though we have already been here for two weeks, we decided it would be best to extend our stay just a tad bit more. Since we will be on the move when we go back to the States, we decided to spend as much quality time with family and friends as possible. 

If you have never been to Brazil, you must add it to your bucket list! We are staying in Rio de Janeiro (where I am originally from) and oh what a wonderful city it is. It is enclosed between the mountains and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Even though it is a big city with never ending traffic, you are always able to find a quiet spot on the sandy beaches and enjoy some fresh coconut water (my personal favorite!)

Since I have about 1,000 plus pictures to sort through, this is just a little Instagram preview of what I have been up to here. If you like to keep up with more pictures follow me here

Hope you are able to put up your tired feet and breathe in some fresh air this weekend. Even if you're not somewhere warm and tropical we are all blessed to have our own little beach somewhere... a place where we can let go of frivolous things and hold on tight to what makes us whole.



  1. Brazil! I heard it is amazing! Hope you enjoy it!!

    I just found your blog!
    So excited to now be following!
    I look forward to keeping up!


    1. thank you christina! brazil is really amazing. cheers! xo, m


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