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Monday, July 29, 2013

Popcorn is a subject that should not be taking lightly (read more here). Am I right? If I was given the chance I would definitely live off of popcorn (and sushi). Well, in reality after a couple of months I am pretty sure I would get tired of only eating that, however in my perfectly imagined world such thing does not happen! ;) 

What better than eating a perfectly designed popcorn? (packaging that is...) As I wrote last week, I am a sucker for pretty food and Angie's Kettle Corn definitely fits that category. See the full branding project here
I simply adore the way that the popcorn comes alive in this design - it's like they are jumping with delight. In addition to the happy corn, the designer (Sam Soulek) made good use of playful words such as "dang" giving it a carefree and friendly vibe. 

Nothing like the perfect mix of color, beautiful type and friendly words... 



Oh how lovely! After all these pretty images I might just have to skip my usual lunch and head out for some fresh popped popcorn. 

Ta-ta sweet friends.


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