hi, i'm mariana! nice to meet you.

Friday, November 30, 2012

this is a very exciting day for me, because today i write my very first blog post. i have always wanted to have a blog to share the pretty things in life and i can say i am very proud of myself for doing so! a little bit about myself: i am a 27 year old trying to ride the waves of life with my oh so sweet husband chris. i am originally from rio de janeiro, brazil and because of this thing called love i ended up in washington, dc. since then, life has been a crazy ride with ups and downs. but one thing's for sure: we are in this together!

there are a few things that make my life complete: my husband, art, yoga and popcorn. there is no way in the world i could ever live without any of these things. you can find art in all that surrounds you and it sure does make my world a prettier place! yoga balances my body and soul giving me the physical and emotional strength to get me through the daily challenges. and popcorn, well, who doesn't like popcorn? :)

for my very first post i wanted to share a poem written by chris (did i tell you how crazy talented he is?). the very first time i read this poem it took me a while to relate to it, but once i did it touched me in a very personal way.  it talks mostly about art and creativity, but when actually thinking of life itself and the choices we make throughout our life, it makes perfect sense! for the past few years, i have been tracing the common path in life and basing my decisions on it. reading this poem, one sunday afternoon while dreading going back to work on monday, made me realize that maybe it can be okay for you to get lost for a little while or to deviate from the beaten path if that means you are after something greater. something that will bring you happiness and will complete you as a human being. this blog is the first step i am taking to find what makes me happy and i hope that i can inspire you along the way. there is a quote from the very talented fashion designer diane von furstenberg that i particularly love and that deeply relates to my life: i didn’t always know what i wanted to do, but i knew the kind of woman i wanted to be.”

let the journey begin! 



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