5,000 is a lucky number

Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday is definitely my favorite day of the week! Some people will disagree with me on this one... Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Saturday as well... (or any day I have off!) however, the fuzzy feeling you get inside as soon as you wake up on Friday morning is unbeatable.  

Today was a special one... I got to work, turned my computer, checked my emails and went straight to my blog to write my post of the day. And as soon as I opened my account, there it was... 5,000 views!  

I know that many bloggers get around 1,000 views a day, and that maybe this little number is not a big deal. But, to me it is! I am so incredibly happy I made the decision to start this little blog. When I look back at my very first post I get goosebumps. I had no idea how much I would learn from this experience and the lovely people I would meet along the way. So thank you! It is because of these 5,000 clicks that I am still here, fighting for my dream, fighting to be a better version of myself. Without this little virtual space, my life would have been different and certainly incomplete.

How to do you feel about your own blogging experience? Has it shown you a life that otherwise you would have never discovered? Has it led you on a journey of self discovery? 

I wish you all a wonderful weekend filled with the things that matter the most - hugs from loved ones, strolls in the park or along the beach, and lots of lazy down time! 



  1. Parabéns!!!!Muitos cliks mais para voce, voce merece lindinha!!! bjs


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