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Friday, March 22, 2013

I absolutely LOVE Fridays! Who doesn't, right? Even though it is not the weekend yet, Friday is the day of planning and feeling excited for what's to come. From the moment I wake up, I do the happy dance in my head (lame, I know...) and wait for that precious time to show up on my phone: the no-more-work-for-the-week o' clock! I am pretty sure that all my co-workers secretly hate me on Fridays, because I do the "it's Friday, it's Friday" song + dance all day long!!! Yes, I can be a tad bit childish sometimes... especially when I'm excited ;)

Moving on... The brand I am using for my backwards branding today, is The Red Dress Boutique ( They are a fabulous online shop and I have no idea how I stumbled upon there web page. All I know is that it can, and will, do damage to your bank account. That is if your a chevron/stripe/polka dot lover like moi (you can see me wearing a chevron dress from them here )! 

A few words to illustrate: Balloons, flowers, lace, and cupcakes. Pastel and girly colors. Simple and charming. Sweet and joyous. Pleasantly comfortable and cozy. And oh-so fancy!!!   

Now go ahead turn your computer off, stop checking your phone and enjoy life - YOUR life! Go outside, breathe the fresh spring air and embrace the world around you. Enjoy the Friday vibes!

Here is to a great weekend lovely friends and until next time!



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