because the week is almost over

Thursday, December 6, 2012

today i decided to share some of the lovely pictures chris took a few weeks ago for my blogs debut. it was the very first photo shoot i have ever done, so pardon my lack of modeling skills ;)

my idea of having these pictures taken was so i could use them here to illustrate myself in my home with all my favorite things around me - and  i meant everything! of course when i told this to chris he instantly replied with "well, that will be hard to do". but he knows me well enough to convince me of his (awesome) vision and to open me up for better shots! it was time to change the angle of the camera and my jacket... :) 

i was still a tad distracted and not sure what to do with myself...

let's be honest here... taking pictures is not as easy as it seems! but after thirty minutes of posing "naturally" and having the camera in your face, it starts to get a lot easier to smile (in a non-creepy way) and act a little bit more like yourself! 

chris was able to capture a few of my favorite things (monet, books, shiny notebooks and fancy iphone cases)! 

and that's a wrap! hope you all had a great week and happy thursday! until next time.



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