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Sunday, March 31, 2013

I came across this little verse while reading the Yoga Journal a while back. It made such an impact when I first read it, that I immediately felt the need to rip the page off and pin it to our fridge. As many of you, I tend to personalize our black refrigerator with pictures, quotes, and many other little keepsakes I have come to collect. All of which have great meaning to me...and this quote is certainly one of them! 

This Easter Sunday I want to cherish the little things that make life special and worthwhile. Family, love, nature and everything else that comes side-by-side with these wonderful gifts! Chris and I had Good Friday off and we decided to go out and cherish what we have. We rarely have the opportunity to hang out since our schedule is hectic right now, so we decided to enjoy every minute of it. We drove out to Maryland and hiked along the Potomac river, and what a sight it was! (check my instagram for pictures of our hike)

Let's practice life as we do with religion, meditation, self- knowledge... and above all LOVE and be loved. After all, isn't that what makes life worthwhile? 

Cheers to us, friends and until next time.


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