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Monday, November 10, 2014

I have to confess something... I've been addicted to the Outlander book series as of lately and I feel as if my world has been on pause.You know when you feel out of the loop? When things around you start to shift and you only realize it after a few days? Yep, that's me lately. 

For some unexplainable reason I have been craving cozy blankets, warm fireplaces, and fuzzy socks all the time. When I'm done at the office, I roll into my apartment boil some water for a cuppa tea and spend the rest of my afternoon reading. I am blaming it on winter fever, but maybe it's something else... Not quite sure what though. I have always been a city dweller and country feeling has never been my thing, however the older I get the more out of touch I feel about city living. Small cramped apartments in a great location, are no longer my priority. And with every end of the work week, I crave the outdoors and fresh air away from traffic jams and city pollution.  

Now and then I catch myself day dreaming of a little farmhouse in the countryside. The kind of home that is oblivious to trends and that withstands the test of time. Smell of oak, cotton and firewood. Gives you comfort when you didn't even realize you needed it. And gives you room to grow and do life in it. 

A girl can dream right? Maybe one day, Chris and I will be able to let go of city living and give into the wood carved, white painted, fluffy blanket kind of lifestyle. 


P.S: Have you had a change in feeling regarding your lifestyle? If so please do share! xx


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