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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's been a while, I know. I did not forget about you little blog and whomever may still be reading. I hope you haven't stopped checking in to see what's going on in my side of the world. Life has been amazingly busy and, as much I hate to admit this, my head has been 90% devoted to work and 10% to my little family of three. Even though I've become quite the juggler, work has given me so much and this past week I received an unexpected promotion! Who would have thought that LA would be so kind to me? After I complained about how dirty it was; how expensive and untrustworthy the city appeared to be. It wasn't warm and welcoming, and to be honest, I started doubting the whole California way of life. I apologize, Southern California. Even though I still stand my ground when it comes to certain opinions, I did underestimate you and I hope you will forgive me. 

But this is not about my love/hate relationship with la la land. This is about my color obsession this past week. Black, black, and black! Maybe it's the never ending sunshine that prevails in California that has me craving for some gloomy weather. Or maybe it's because when I was a teenager, my dream was to move to NYC and become one those New Yorkers that only wear black and are ever so chic! Either way, I might just have to try to pull it off in this sunny 75 degrees weather. 

How about you? What color has been on your mind lately? 



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