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Friday, June 6, 2014

Wild Art Print by Sam Larson
One thing I love the most about this little online space of mine is the fact that I am able to talk about things that usually I would think twice about. Not that it is extremely personal, but mostly because sometimes its hard to make time for "silly" thoughts on life. This is why Fridays are my favorite days here on the blog. It is when I can open my heart and spill out what's been lingering around in my head. Sometimes it seams kind of strange that I do such thing in a very open and public space for anyone to read, however there is something about doing it this way that gives me a sense of courage. It's like standing on a stage with a microphone and shouting out to everyone that's out there what it is you are going through. But on the flip side, you do not know who is actually listening. Maybe no one really is or if they are maybe they don't care. 

This to me is pretty wild! Don't you think? Nevertheless, life is wild it is own way so it only seems fitting. As the years pass by, I realize how much of what goes on in our daily existence is completely out of our control, however it makes sense in some way or the other. I read a quote the other day from Joseph Campbell that said: "We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us." I can truly relate to this since I am a meticulous planner and a perfectionist when it comes to life. Everything is thought out by this crazy head, and sometimes it drives me insane! Why is it that we set up these incredibly out of reach goals for ourselves, instead of just trying hard and being happy with what it is we accomplished? Yes, I agree that we should be ambitious, but what if it comes in between being WILD with your actions and happy with what you have? I want to be wild. I want to not over think every single move and mourn over it not turning out how I envisioned it. 

So this is my chosen word for the rest of the year. Wild. I think it is appropriate, don't you? Maybe it does have a pejorative take on it, but I see it with different eyes. I see it as being courageous, and walking off the line. I see it as acting as a person of passion and believes, instead of acting according to what others expect of you. Being true to yourself and understanding that disappointment, is only there if you (or others) do not understand the person you really are. Risk taking with a dash of responsibility! I'll take that any day! :) 

Happy Friday to whomever is out there listening to me blab on this stage of mine - sorry if the microphone is too loud! 



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