{what colored my weekend} lipstick red

Monday, February 3, 2014

Man, this weekend went by fast! But then again they all do, right? To start this week on a good note, my very favorite blog selection (that I haven't done in a while)!! What colored my weekend today has a little hint Valentine's Day vibe to it. Even though I did not plan it out, this Vogue UK print just did it for me. And then every thing else just followed... Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Now on to the gorgeously red items...

1. Ashley Brooke gets me. Well, I think she gets all the girly girls out there... This print definitely deserves a place on my dresser. 
2. Lately I have been hooked on red lips, however it's not always that you can a get away with super bright lipstick. That is when this cute Bando brooch would come in handy.
3. As all of you are aware, I am a lover of all things Kate Spade. This past Saturday, I ended up at the TJ Maxx down the street from our apartment, and in the middle of a very chaotic pile of accessories, I found this amazing chevron scarf! When I saw the price tag on it, I just had to get it. It feels good to be a maxximista... ;) 
4. I may be the only person on earth that does not own a pair of Toms. However I think that might change real soon... (look at the price on this cute one!)
5. Red confetti. There are no practical or obvious reasons for this... Yet, I still want it! 



  1. love all of these lipstick reds! what a fun post!

  2. Ahh this post makes me so happy! I love red and chevrons and Kate Spade! And that print!

    1. i know, right? kate spade, chevron and lip print get's me every time... thanks for stopping by! xo


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