what colored my weekend: marilyn pink

Monday, February 24, 2014

Hello and welcome back! Monday is upon us once again so let's take it in little by little. First let's pour a cup of freshly brewed coffee and go for a walk around the block. After stretching out our legs, another cup of coffee is in order while reading the daily paper. 

Oh, how I wish every Monday was like this, but truth be told, usually it is very hard to get out of bed and when I catch a glimpse of my clock, there is only one thing that comes to mind: LATE LATE LATE! :) 

However, to start the week on a good note, I am sharing my favorite recurring post: What colored my weekend! This time around, Marilyn Monroe and her pink bubble gum definitely inspired my not-so-glamourous-in-my-pjs weekend. Ok... let's get right to it.

1. When thinking pink, Shop Bando is a must! Common' we all know the girls there know how to use pink in a very glamourous/girly way better than any one else. 
2. Oh these earrings... Etsy definitely has the best shops and this is one of my favorites. I can see Marilyn sporting these on a Wednesday night.  
3. Mr. Tea is awesomesauce! I would love to have my afternoon tea in this cup, wouldn't you? 
4. I have been wanting a typewriter for the past few years, but with all the bills and furniture buying for our new place, it just didn't seem right to spend a couple hundred dollars on an item that I would probably never use. I am addicted to my MacBook and there is no other gadget that will cure my obsession.... However, after finding this pink and cream one on Esty..... I might have to give it a chance. Maybe add it to my birthday list?  Plus Marilyn would totally dig this, don't ya think? ;) 

Okay lovelies, hope your week is off to a fantastic start and here is to a wonderful Monday! 



  1. Love this!! That typewriter is beautiful. I didn't realize I needed one until now!

    1. thank you bethany! isn't it just perfect? xo


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