being 28 is weird - friday thoughts

Friday, February 21, 2014

But in all seriousness, it is! I've had this recurring feeling in the past year and every time I try to put it down in words... it seems impossible. I know what I want to say, but for some reason it just feels hard to express myself. I'm gonna try my very best and hope not to delete this entire post after writing it. Okay here goes nothing...

I would say that the hardest part of being 28 (at least for me) has been going through this transformation between doing what your supposed to do and doing what you want to do. In my early twenties, I had to  work on a lot things I didn't like, deal with people that weren't my favorite and figure out personal feelings I wish would just go away. I made mistakes. I grew. I found out who I was. All this in a very randomly weird way.  It was tough work, however sometimes things would just fall in place without   any question. On my way along the late twenties path, I came across people that often asked silly questions..."When are you going to buy your first home and stop paying rent?" "Why are you not trying to having a baby?" Not to dismiss curiosity, but sometimes these kind of questions make me feel 15 again. They make me doubt my decisions. Make me insecure and childish. 

Another weird part of being 28 has to do with going out socially. I am done with clubs, crowded places and cheep beer. However, boring and over priced is not an option... And that makes going out on weekends very challenging. So many saturday nights are spent at home watching movies, drinking wine, and eating cheese. NOT good for your physic! Also, friends are hard to find and even harder to maintain. Seems like it's hard to connect to people when you have so much going on. I have found that friends have a different meaning to me now. Friendship has morphed from being just people to hang out with into people to talk, understand and inspire you.  

I am trying to take 28 at is comes. Trying to learn to believe in my choices even though they seem pretty out there. To have confidence in my opinion despite the insecurities that surround me. See myself as a women even though people treat me like a girl because I look so much younger (common' I'm almost 30). It's definitely been a learning age. A weird age. I might even call it an "in between" age. You're there... but not quite there yet. Nonetheless, I am enjoying the ride!

Man, that was a confusing post. Hope I got my point across and you were able to understand what's going on in my head. Now, on to you... How does/did 28 feel to you? WEIRD? CONFUSING? Or maybe it went just splendid? I am so very curious, please do share!  



  1. I'm 27 but pretty much in the same boat! I read an article about this the other day. Your late 20s are weird because you're still young but not as young, and your interests kind of fall in the middle of the two camps. And it is harder to make friends!

    1. oh really? do you have the link to the article? I would love to read it! Maybe 30 will do the trick? thanks for sharing your experience :) xo


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