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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I am in love with these eco friendly light fixtures. I never gave too much thought on sustainable lamps before, however while doing research at work (yes, my new awesome job is for an environmentally friendly company) I came across a few articles on how more and more designers are utilizing eco friendly materials to construct things such as light fixtures. What a challenge! Not only do they have to design an aesthetically pleasing object, but they have to factor the materials used and how it will affect the world in the long run! Tough job. This first amazing piece is called Just Deserts (okay, got my attention just by the name) and was designed by Jay Watson. The line is a cluster of ceiling pendants made with used bowls from thrift stores. I love how light and colorful it is. I decided to expand my online research on the topic and picked a few of my favorite pieces. 

Have you seen any eco friendly light fixtures hanging around somewhere? Please do share. I would love to see these and other beauties in person. 


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