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Friday, November 15, 2013

Today I woke up before sunrise and rushed out the door to try to beat traffic. Los Angeles has by far the worse traffic I have ever experienced in my life - sometimes it ties with Rio though. Even though I am not a morning person, this morning I was glad I was up early and tried to enjoy it. Usually I despise my morning commute, however today I actually took the time to look around and soak up the beauty of the Southern California landscape. I drive though what they call "the valley", across a few canyons and straight into Beverly Hills. It sure is a pretty view! 

This morning I reflected on how simple life is when we don't make a big deal out of little things. Why have I been complaining about traffic, if I could just wake up a little bit earlier and skip through all that? Simple, right? Things like that make me stress out and frustrated, when usually the answer isn't complicated at all and simple to resolve. I have been missing the cold chilly weather and having a hard time getting dressed in the morning because I have it in my head that it is November and I have to wear pants, boots and a sweater. Why? In the meantime, forget to appreciate the super nice weather here and enjoy being outside and pairing pretty thin layers. 

Anyway dear friends, I wanted to end this week on a positive note and give you something to reflect upon. Do you have anything bothering you lately? Is it a simple fix, like all my craziness above? I know that sometimes life is extremely overwhelming and superficiality surrounds us, however the truth is "all you need is less." The only exemption to this would be if it were hugs, smiles and laughter!!     


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  1. Voce disse tudo, a vida é muito mais simples do que nos fazemos parecer.Basta querer . bjs


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