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Monday, August 5, 2013

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With recent news of Chris and I leaving D.C. (read more here), I have become a tad bit nostalgic and have decided to take advantage of all the wonderful things this city has to offer. We are fortunate enough to live a few blocks from away from the National Mall, and even though I hate the fact that it tends to be extremely packed with tourists on a daily basis, I have to say that it kind of rocks living so close to the museums. My all time favorite is the National Gallery of Art. It is the kind of place that as soon as you enter the building you feel like you just walked into an architectural beauty and it just happens to store a few of the worlds wonderful art collections. 

With every turn, the museum slowly opens itself to you, letting you in on its secret galleries and artistic residents. My visits always tend to start at my all time favorite painter, Claude Monet. Even though the National Gallery of Art does not have my personal favorites, I always feel the need to pay the old man a visit! It seams impossible to walk past his brush strokes of color and the perfectly captured lighting. However, being that his is kind of a famous guy (hehe..) his gallery does get a tad bit crowded. So after I get a good look around, I put my headphones on and walk away through the marble hallways. 

Sometimes my favorite thing to do is stop and observe the details in the building itself. I do consider it to be (sometimes) more beautiful than the framed paintings around it. 

The best part of my wandering often happens when I find myself alone with no one else around me. Only then do I allow myself to set aside my headphones and take in all the unexpected beauty. The shadows caused by the perfectly projected lighting, the coldness of the stone wall colliding with the warmth of the paint colors, and the perfectly imperfect faces transformed into art.       

What a beauty, right? I hope you have had the pleasure of walking through this museum. And if not, please do so! 

"Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love." Claude Monet. 


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