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Friday, August 16, 2013

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On this beautiful Friday morning, I wanted to share with you a few lovely words from my sweet friend, H. This is the second time I feature her beautiful story telling (remember this one?) and would hope to do it many times more. This is my smile to you... 

"Patience is a Gift, Share it.

The tall dark shadow leaned far into the inviting space of the car interior. One arm propped casually yet securely on the window, almost as if he was holding on, using his body to stop the vehicle from budging, knowing it was time to say goodbye but not quite ready, would never be quite ready to let go. As another car pulled up to steal the soon to be vacant parking space and surely a piece of his hear with it, he didn't even notice, didn't even flinch. The world around him was a blur and those last minutes with her were all he could see.

Finally, it was time to say goodbye, he took his time to walk away from her window. Glancing back with a painful smile, happy to catch sight of her one last time, but empty inside knowing she would soon leave his sight and this wonderful reality would soon turn back into a memory, again, as it did every time he had to say goodbye. 
As she pulled away and waved one final time, the "patiently" waiting vehicle quickly stole the available spot, clearly not taking the time to see this random act of romance that I was so fortunate to be witness.

"Rudeness" was not what this was. This impatient vehicle only saw an opportunity for a parking place. They refused to see the second and third glance that this man had to take as his love grew smaller into the distance. Too busy with inconsiderate gestures, a moment to witness true love was missed by others, luckily, I wasn't one of them.

She could have been his girlfriend, or his wife, perhaps even a sister, close friend or mother. There is no way for us to truly know. All we can know, for sure, is that a man loves a woman and doesn't want her to go. 
Remember to leave each other, especially the ones we love, with kind words, an extra wave, a smile or hug even if that means leaning in through a car window. Never forget to wait patiently when someone is pulling out of a parking space. You really never know why that person needs those extra minutes or even seconds. Be the person that gives that time to them. Don't make others feel rushed. In this world, on this earth, we only have time. It is the absolute greatest gift we can give to each other, and is unique in that we can even give it to those we have yet to meet." by Heather Pappas


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