random acts of romance

Friday, December 21, 2012

good morning all! today my very talented friend, heather (sweet ms. pappas) ;) sent me this special story about a lovely moment she witnessed a few weeks ago. i was totally caught off guard with all the lovely words she wrote and started tearing up (at work!). yes, i am a sucker for romance! this is such a special story and something worth sharing... happy reading and hope this random act of romance inspires you today!    

"i wish it was my own story that i could share and that i could, first hand, describe how the moments felt, but i was merely a bystander in this "random act of romance". 

as i was hooked to the television, teen mom 2 marathon (gets me every time), i heard shouting coming from outside. i step onto my balcony, suspecting to be witness to a domestic dispute. however, i was pleasantly surprised to see something quite the opposite...i was witness to two individuals separating from what had to be a perfect date. as their distance grew, so did their voices. as the man walked his way, to what appeared to be his night-shift at the hospital nearby and a woman who was clearly returning to her home from the amazing night, i was fortunate to find myself in the right place at the right time, to witness true romance.with each step they took apart, him farther up the ramp to the hospital, her closer to me across the dark parking lot, the jovial conversation and laughter, that i originally confused for arguing, continued. 

as the experience caused my initial concern to turn into complete joy and their steps drew closer to their destinations, i thought, "how wonderful it is to be reminded of true love." but as she walked the steps to my building, i felt that i may have outstayed my welcome. i saw her disappear from my views, but he stood still, stopped in his tracks. i felt that i had been spotted, and that i may have been exposed in some way destroying this beautiful and yet somehow rare moment that life brings... i had never intended to ruin this moment for others, but my body had frozen to the captivating moment that i didn't realize how long I had really been standing there. suddenly, within an instant, my place in the shadows became a blessing as i saw his smile light the night... his smile sparkled, lighting up the darkness of the desolate parking lot, simultaneously, his hand raised high in the air to bid a final farewell to his one and only. his pause was pure chivalry to prove to the world....well at least my own little world...and the night, that romance still exists. he waved his final goodnight merely to ensure that the door safely closed behind her and while i could not see her face, i leaned far enough over my railing to see her hand waving back at him... at that point i knew in my heart that she would no doubt have slept easy after this incredible night, and now he would too, knowing that she was safe. 

all the woman in this world, deserve to have a man watching over them as they have to walk across a dimly lite parking lot alone...and all of the men in this world, deserve to have a woman, turn around and wave back..

ladies... let's make a point, to wave back ;)"



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