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Monday, July 8, 2013

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Oh Monday! Why do you have to come so soon? Thats is definitely the question in my head every single week... except this one! Since fourth of july was on a Thursday, I did not get to take a super duper long weekend (I had to work on Friday - bummer). However, I felt the need to extend my holiday a little longer, and took today off. 

With three days off on my hands, I wanted to escape the city. Therefore Chris and I decided to venture out to the lake and camp! Yes, by camping I mean a tent, no electricity and sharing a bathhouse. Even though all the above do not seem attracting to me in any way, I wanted to leave some room for the unexpected to happen (plus, I love hot dogs on the fire). So we left Saturday afternoon and came back today. 

It was great! Even though it rained a lot last night and it was kind of scary sleeping in the tent in the middle of the storm, we had great long conversations by the fire and went swimming in the lake. 

Sometimes it feels incredible to put yourself out there and embrace the unimaginable, don't you think? The possibility of not knowing what you will stumble upon on an adventure, is what makes it so incredible. Even though life does scare me (a tad bit), I try to drive into the opportunities and challenges that come my way. 

I hope you had an amazing holiday weekend and that your Monday in some way has inspired you to take risks and, beyond all be willing to "keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable."  



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