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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oh my! I have reached day 7 of the challenge...Thanks for following on and leaving such sweet comments. 

The question today is What am I most afraid of. Kind of a scary question itself right? I think so... I started reading a few of the other blogger's post and it all seemed pretty accurate to me. Some said they were scared of cockroaches, others of tsunamis... and a lot were describing their fear of loosing loved ones. I can agree on every single item of their lists! After reading a hand full I couldn't help but wonder, am I really THAT afraid of every single thing in life?? I may be exaggerating here, however I did realize that life itself is a pretty scary thing. Don't ya think? All the little challenges, the responsibilities, pressure... Oh man! I don't see a tiny cockroach beating that... 

Even though I am very afraid of life, I am absolutely, ultimately in love with it! It fills me up, it brings me strength, it teaches me to be a better and stronger person, and sometimes out of nowhere it delivers sweet gifts to my doorstep. 


How about you are you scared of that beautiful blue sky? :) Or just spiders, horses, cows, garbage disposal (yes, ma'am! I think I can write a whole new post on this one)...



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