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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

atlantic city weekend getaway I mariana hodges for sparkyourprint.blogspot.com

Happy Tuesday sweet friends! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Mine was definitely out of the ordinary... Chris and I decided to go out of town and have some summer fun. Even though it was rainy on Saturday, we enjoyed the hotel's amenities and the sun came out the following day (yippee!!). It always feels good to get away and enjoy a different scenario. These are a few things I did to break the routine and have oh-so much fun!  

Do you have a favorite weekend getaway on your list? Please do share what places you like to sneak off to, and what you do to make it that much special. 


p.s: check out my instagram for more pictures here and here.


  1. Great post! I definitely want to try this out for myself :D xx

    1. thanks! i sure wish i had taken more pictures though! xo, m

  2. Aww I want summer now. Everyday is raining here!

    1. i know right! be patient though because we all know that as soon as the temperature hits 100 degrees we will all be wishing it was cooler! ;) xo, m


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