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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

kate spade coffee book I mariana hodges for sparkyourprint.blogspot.co

I may be a few months late in this subject, however it is quite inevitable that I write a post about it. Yesterday was a normal Monday for me...until I received a text from Amazon stating that my package had been delivered! If you know me a tad bit, you are well aware of my love for anything that involves binding, well placed type and that can be bought at a bookstore. Yes, indeed I am a book lover and the type that DOES judge a book by its cover! I do not remember when this all started, all I know is I ended up going to school for publishing and holding two internships at publishing houses. Even though I no longer work in that industry, I remember the days when I would walk in the office and there would be nothing but piles and piles of books everywhere.   

Going back to my story... Yes, my package. I ran downstairs to the concierge desk to get it as soon as I read the text. Inside it was the 20th anniversary Kate Spade coffee table book: Things we love.

kate spade coffee book I mariana hodges for sparkyourprint.blogspot.co

When it was first published everyone on social media was freaking out about how fantastic it was, and there was no doubt that it wouldn't be. Come on, we all know everything Kate Spade touches turns pink, sparkly with lots and lots of polka dots and stripes!   

kate spade coffee book I mariana hodges for sparkyourprint.blogspot.com


There is nothing that gets me more excited than holding a well designed book in my hands. The smell of the perfectly selected paper as your turn each page. The way your eyes smile when image, type and blank space are amazingly balanced on a single spread. And, no matter how simple the content of the book is, you feel a connection... That, my friends, is pure love and Kate Spade did it just right! 


If you want to check the book out click here


  1. well i'm even later than you are, because i wasn't aware of the existence of this book ^^ thank you for showing it to me, it looks wonderful! :)

    1. if you are a ks fan, you will most definitely love it! xo, m


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