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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Tuesday lovely friends! We are almost half way done with the week and the Blog Everyday in May challenge. Today's theme is 10 things that make me happy. This is an easy and colorful one! 


wedding flower arrangements I mariana hodges for

1. Fresh flowers
2. A clean house
3. Gold accessories

wedding decoration I mariana hodges for

4. A toast with dear friends
5. Mindless chit-chats with loved ones
6. Cuddles in bed 

wedding table decoration I mariana hodges for

7. A perfectly set table
9. Eating a healthy home cooked meal
10. Endless hugs!!! 

How about you - what makes you smile? Is it a familiar smell, a simple phone call, or a comfortable bed filled with love and cuddles?     


p.s: picture taken by the very talented Devin Wilson


  1. Aw, you can't go wrong with those 10 favs!! Thanks for the share. What makes me smile? My mom singing along to the radio...she's terrible and awesome and hilarious.

    1. oh, my! my mom does the same exact thing.... and I totally agree with you on that. xo, m


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