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Monday, February 25, 2013

Hello and welcome back! Hope you had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed every single bit of your time off. Yesterday for me was all about the Oscars. I love the red carpet event and of course all the music performances that happen during the actual show. This year the show was themed - and what a perfect one it was - all around musicals! Oh-how magical it was - specially when all the cast of Les Miserables came out on stage to perform. 

One thing that I always observe during the red carpet event is the color and pattern used on the oh-so gorgeous gowns. I did find it quite odd that even though the spring trend is all about pastel colors, there was not much out there. 

I am a sucker for colors (in clothing items, art, graphic design, home decor) and think that if you pick the right ones they will surely bring life to anything and anyone! And also, I love mixing colors that are usually a no-no (such as blue and black), because when you get it right they go a very very long way (a.k.a the gorgeous Louis Vuitton dress Reese Witherspoon wore yesterday). So mix it up and try new combinations, always! It is a great way to exercise your creativity ;) (and there is also pinterest to give you a hand...) Here are a few colors that have been on my go-to list. 

Let's not forget our good old pal, white! Using it as a canvas you are able to mix and match all different patterns, textures and colors! Who doesn't like a room with white furniture and colorful accents like pillows, candles, and bookends? And what about your favorite go-to white pants combined with a colorful button down shirt? oh-my-so-much-loveliness...  

Here is to a productive week and many many colorful moments ahead! 

Ta-ta and until next time


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