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Friday, February 1, 2013

probably i have said this several times before, but my obsession with pinterest grows by the minute. it amazes me how many interesting and talented people are out there and i love all the inspiring images that show up on my daily feed! last weekend, i was taking a break from school work and started browsing the webpage. surely enough i came across this amazing design and immediately clicked on the image. with just one click i was immersed in a colored filled world, where beautiful type and immaculate layouts came together in every corner (link). as you may already be aware, i live for the pretty and am inspired by good design, so needless to say this webpage was heaven to me! after browsing through several designs i ended up exactly where i started - the pinterest image! 


the story behind the design... it was created to promote one of the largest women's tennis tournament in the world - the family circle cup, that takes place in charleston (link). lovely right? my favorite out of the three, is definitely the first one. with the lovely mint bluish color, the mason jar and the way the designer used the tennis ball as a reminder of a fruit placed on a cup (to make the drink look fancy), just relates to my personal taste! 

here is to a happy friday and a fun filled weekend to all! mine will be loaded with textbooks, homework and assignments. take care and until next time. 



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