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Friday, January 25, 2013

happy friday and welcome back! i sure am happy that the weekend is right around the corner... these past few weeks have been a tad bit overwhelming for me. a new semester has started (and along with that a ton of home work and assignments) and work well, let's not talk about that...let's just say i haven't been having time to focus on what really matters! frustrating times, my friends... even though i do see myself some days complaining a lot about life and the unnecessary things people throw at you, i try to focus on what's positive and what makes me happy. i had an amazing time last weekend and this saturday i have a "dinner and a movie" date with my sweet lady friend, k! i am happy we made this happen - looking forward to some girl time .

times like these are usually when i crave (or better, obsess over) things that make my world a better place. and that usually means: colors, books, design and cuteness! and today my currently obsessed post sums up all of the above. 

1. monogram  2. one good deed a day journal  3. hedgehog cup measure  4. stripped paper straws  5. kate spade coffee table book  6. yoga bitch   

1) who doesn't like a gold monogram, right? i would love to put this in an office space (future apartment) on a white bookcase along with all our bits and pieces. 
2) a while back, i saw this hedgehog cup measure on a blog  and one day i went to visit my friend and she had it sitting on her counter top in her kitchen... needless to say it was love at first sight! 
3) many of you that follow me on instagram know that i have been trying to do as many acts of kindness as i can. the idea came from the "one good deed a day" journal and i am obsessed with it! and may i say that kindness is contagious... (one night out in dc chris and i got free tickets from a complete stranger at a sold out show - awesomesauce!) 
4) i need these pretty stripped teal straws asap! and yes, i will be drinking my glass of bubbly with these... champagne always tastes better when you drink it out of a pretty straw ;)  
5)i think the kate spade coffee book doesn't need an explanation... my obsession with this brand is well known ;) 
6) and yoga bitch is on my to-read list. i have heard so many good things about this book and how incredible funny it is that i just had to give it a try.

ta-ta friends and until next time!



  1. Nossa, adoreii!! Alias to achando mto legal esse livro!! Sera q tem aqui no brasil? To adorando ler essas coisas boas nos momentos chatos do dia!!' ; )

  2. I love the one deed a day book! It's so refreshingly beautiful :]


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