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Friday, February 8, 2013

let me tell you something: i am head over heels for this artist/blogger. her name is inslee haynes and she runs a very special custom illustrating business. per usual, i was immersed in the world of pinterest when i stumbled upon this adorable bar cart illustration and immediately repined it. the thing is, pining and repining can get a little out of hand and you end up forgetting to check back on the ones you wanted to in the first place. this was one of those situations... until one day i decided to de-clutter my pinterest page for obvious reasons (it was starting to get a little too messy for my anal retentive personality). all this "pinterest cleaning day" took me back to the so loved illustration... and i am so glad it did! now i follow this very talented (and hilarious) lady. her designs are adorable and i love to read her posts about life in new york city (sigh). 


what is it about blogs that when they hit you, there is no going back - you instantly become overly attached? there are a few blogs out there that i can't live without. the other day i was thinking about this and feeling embarrassed on how i know so much about these strangers. how is it that they have such an influence in my life and how on earth can i consider them friends even though i have never meet any of these ladies? weird, right? 

however, i have come to realize, after i started my own blog, that this is the magic of blogging. i am here in front of my computer and you are there in front of yours, yet we connect in such an intimate level. every time i write a post it actually does feel like i am talking to someone i know and trust, so it can only have that same effect on person that is on the other side reading.  i have everything to thank these lady bloggers. they inspire me to be more creative and to take risks. to be grateful for who i am and for what i have. but mostly, they help me overcome my daily fears and insecurities by putting their stories out there in such an honest way. they write words that feel more like helping hands, and send out whispers saying: "chin up, you can do this!" 


if you have not yet entered the blog world, please come on in, take a seat and make yourself at home! i will be more than welcome to be your bff and share all my nonsense with you along the way. go ahead and put yourself out there... i am pretty sure you too will fall in love and befriend a blogger in no time. i can also give you some suggestions -send me an email, message, or whatever and i'll send you a list of the lovely ladies that inspire me daily.  

thank you, bloggers for all the heart warming posts you write! and thanks inslee haynes for all these gorgeous illustrations. don't forget to check out more of her creations here

ta-ta and until next time!



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