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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello lovelies and welcome back! This weekend I had a very outside the box school assignment and think I have never loved doing homework as much as I did this time around... :) Since our chapters of the week were focused on Branding (eeekkkk... love love love this subject), our teacher sent us home with a question someone once ask her during an interview: What brand is brand "you"? 

Being that I am very interested in this subject and that I follow many brands on a daily basis, the answer was very clear to me. Nevertheless, this is quite the question! At first you may ask yourself: how can I ever be a company that sells a non-living object? Or even a service? How can my unique personality be in touch with a big corporation that has many employees? That, my friend is the beauty of branding. When you think of companies - that have good positioning - you never imagine an office space filled with random people crossing out multitudes of things off their "to-do" lists, right? No, you imagine a lifestyle...and if you do relate to that, you see yourself living that lifestyle! This is what I absolutely love... the whole effort of creating a personality, a voice, an image that is as simple, and complex, as us humans.   

Ahhh.. and then there is all the pretty collateral that comes with it! color palette, type, logo, texture... 

Pretty cool stuff right? Now, if you are wondering what brand is brand me... polka dots, stripes, typewriters, glasses, books, and more books - totally me! (By the way, they have one of the best marketing out there!) 

Well, off I go to tackle my to-do list... Tonight is Sushi night with friends - and if you know me, you know that Sushi nights are my all time favorite! :)


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