oops, i thought today was tuesday...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

hey all! because of martin luther king day and the whole commotion for the inauguration on monday i totally got my days mixed up. so, my tuesday post will be going out today! oops... i deeply apologize! 

since i have been reading a ton (for pleasure and for school) bookmarks are currently my best friends. and yes, i mean to use the plural here.. i have this thing with bookmarks that i loose them all. kind of like the bobby pin story! i start out with a pile and by the end of the month they all seam to magically disappear... does that story sound familiar to you, or is it just something crazy that only happens to me? ;) i adore them even though it is hard to find cute ones that don't cost a fortune. with that said, i started making my own bookmarks and i am going to share it with you today! usually i print them on card stock and use a paper cutter to make it just the right size! you can also laminate them to make it extra shiny... 

i love this one because it translates exactly how i feel when i have been reading for way too long. the feeling of taking off your glasses, closing your eyes and taking a nice break! and yes, bookmarks in my world do lend me a helping hand very often... :) 

hope your week is off to a great start and until next time friends.



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