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Friday, January 18, 2013

even though the flu has hit me once again and i am home sick :(  i am very excited to write this post. today i will be featuring a very talented lady, patricia vanasse. she has recently signed her first contract with a publishing house and her book is in the works! how very exciting is that? i would be thrilled (and oh-so flattered) if someone wanted to publish anything i ever wrote. tissa, as she goes by, lives in oak harbor, washington (such a pretty city), is happily married and has two adorable little ones. oh, want to make her super duper happy? buy her an extra bold coffee ;) 

tell us a tad bit more about your upcoming book. when will we be able to read it?
resilient is a young adult science fiction. it's a gripping story of survival and romance in which two teenagers discover they are anything but normal, and while their quest for identity brings them closer, it is the confirmation of what they really are that threatens to tear them apart. it will be available fall 2013 by pants on fire!  

oh my, that sounds like a fascinating story indeed! how did you ever start this journey as a writer? please let us in on what inspired you.
since i was a kid i've enjoyed creating stories in my mind. that's how i've always put myself to sleep, i used to lie there and create someone's life story. as i grew older, books became an obsession, and then i finally decided to take a chance and write stories of my own.

do you have a special place you can call your "writing spot"? 
not really... i have an office at home where i spend most of my writing time. but i'm not attached to it. sometimes i write in my bed, and other times i write on the couch. as long as i have a warm cup of coffee in my hands, anywhere will do. 

what's your favorite weapon when it comes to writing - pencil, pen or the computer? 
computer. it's easier!

are you obsessed with anything in particular (i think i may already know the answer to this one...)
haha! it has to be brazilian coffee, nothing else comes close. but i am also obsessed with books. sometimes i do need an intervention to put a book down! 

seems like my kinda girl! do you have a favorite quote? if it inspires you in anyway, please do share!
"knowing how to think empowers you far beyond those who know only what to think." neil degrasse tyson. i read this quote not too long ago, and it touched a soft spot inside of me. it makes me frustrated whenever i encounter people whose minds live in a cage, dominated and manipulated to think only what they've been told.

yes! i totally agree with you and love that quote by the way. it's always best to stand out for your believes than to blend in with others. on another note... what do you usually jam to? 
i love alternative, and right now i'm listening to "little talks" by monsters & men.

any fancy projects you are working on? (please let us in...)
i just finished writing the sequel for resilient, and before i could breathe, i started working on a new contemporary young adult romance between two troubled teens. that story was just pushing on the back of my head, i just had to bring it to life! 

oh, my! it seams like you are a very busy lady. so i was wondering... how do you keep your spark? 
with music. it can take me places i never knew existed! 

oh my, how adorable are the vanasse's, right? i love patricia's sunnies and her adorable smile by the way... if you want to know more about this talented lady go herehere or here. and if your someone like me, that is always on the lookout for new books, make sure you check her upcoming publication (i know i sure will)! 

hope you have a great weekend and until next time!



  1. Wonderful interview! Such a talented and beautiful lady!

  2. Adorei, Tissa. Parabéns!
    Estamos todos aqui no Brasil ansiosos por este lançamento. Beijos Julia

  3. Adorei, ficou muito boa essa entrevista. Continue assim. Bjs


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