hello 2013!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

every first post of the year! i made it!!!! truly thought that this blogging idea would not continue until the new year, but here i am. i really don't know how many people really read my posts or who you guys are (maybe friends and family) but thank you for coming back!!!! anyways.... my holidays were just wonderful if i may say so. not too fancy, but just right. right amount of down time and family time (except for my dear ones in the hot hot brazilian territory - and with that i mean temperature wise!! ) ;) lots of fun things happened and lots of memories were made.  since, to me a picture can say much more than simple words, i gathered a few snapshots of my holidays - instagram style ;) 

a few things that happened... a deliciously new perfume. an unusual, yet very cool shot glass. the magic of christmas. princess frog ski hat. lots and lots of candy. oh so fancy coffee/tea maker. lobster dinner. bubbly and christmas trees. 3d glasses and nye celebration ;)  

hope you had a great holiday! soon i will be posting about my new goal setting for 2013 (making things happen).



  1. Vc é realmente uma garota muito especial.Muito sucesso para voce nesse ano. bjs


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