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Sunday, December 23, 2012

yes, it is finally here! christmas and new years have always been my favorite holidays. there is just something in the air this time of year and people come together of a greater good. also, most of my favorite childhood memories are from christmas time. back when my parents used to try oh-so very hard to have us believe santa was real and when we would hang out around the fireplace and crack "christmas crackers" (it was so exciting to see what was in them!).

this year chris and i have started our own traditions. it was the very first time we went to pick out our tree (a real one!). even though our apartment doesn't really have much space available we made sure our 6 ft tall tree would be welcomed! yes, i did have to move a few things, which for those who know me would understand how hard it is for me to have things out of place (i am a tad bit anal-retentive). but i can say i am very pleased with the end result (plus it smells a-ma-zing)! we also started a community stocking. meaning we only have one stocking for both and each one wrapped little gifts (that can't cost more than $15) and put it in the stocking. on christmas day we will open everything together and see what we got each other. all gifts must be something for us to enjoy together, such as candles, chocolate (or other treats), anything for our apartment, a dvd that we both like, etc. pretty cool idea right? it is the first time we are doing it so don't know how well it will work out! ;)  
i wanted to use the last post of the year to talk about the things i am grateful for. this upcoming year is going to be yet another challenging one for me. but i can say i am very blessed with everything that has crossed my path and the special people i have in my life. i am grateful for having such loving and devoted parents, that no matter what love me for who i am. for all my family in brazil, even far far away i can feel the love and support. i am also thankful for having chris' family to call my own (never have i ever been received in a family with such love and respect). and also for the new friends life has sprung upon me this year. i love you all! 

in 2013 i want to be more patient and have the strength to endure life's "slaps on the face". i want to be inspired by kindness and inspire others along the way. bring smiles to peoples faces when they least expect it. to hug more and talk less. respect my body and my soul. love more and judge less. love...   
i hope to toast 2013 with my special guy by my side, with joy in my heart and an oh-so fancy bubbly in hand! 

hope you enjoy your holiday and cheers to a new year filled with smiles, warm hugs and happiness! :)



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