on another note

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a couple of weeks ago i was sitting in front of my computer trying to design something for my free download tuesday here on the blog, but was having a really hard time putting something together. i was having a really hard day in general and wasn't feeling special at all.  i know it is hard to slow down life and be appreciative for the things we have and for who we are (no matter what size, color, style). but sometimes it is imperative to do so... 

not only did i find the need to value and share the things i am good at and am unique for, but also i wanted to share words of kindness and encouragement. these are a few things that are hard to find these days. for some reason people find it hard to open up and share a little bit of their harts to others. of course i am not perfect and definitely have my "i hate the world" moments, but on the most part i try to spread affection and consideration to others. life has not received me on the same note though... and i am positive that most of you feel the same way as i do! 

so let's embrace gratitude and kindness ;) let's make today a day that we look beyond our smart phones and smile, notice people around us, be aware when someone needs attention (even if it is to make small talk with the old lady on the train)! i know i will be focusing on that today when i get on the metro. make it a "smile for no reason" day.  

so today my free download is something to make you feel special and (just maybe) bring a smile to your face! no matter the day your are having, you are always looking gorgeous to someone, and that someone could be just you!      



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