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Friday, December 14, 2012

hi there and happy friday! today i am going to let you in on a little secret... actually, it is an ugly truth about my personality (or is it just because i am a girl?) the fact is i only have two states of mind: either i am completely, ultimately obsessed with something or i am totally not interested! ;) i see myself getting in and out of these situations a lot and sometimes it is a tad bit confusing! but i try to embrace it, since it is out of my control.

this month i have been obsessed with a few things. but some items deserve to be highlighted... the perfectly imperfect home is definitely the best decorating book ever published (yes, i am exaggerating a little), but still it has great tips and amazing illustrations throughout. kate spade will always deserve my ultimate obsession :) i am not kidding here, people that know me are well aware of my love for everything related to this brand. (they even send me emails and messages every time there is a ks sale going on)... i have been looking for this paperweight for a while and finally found it on ebay and just had to purchase it! needless to say i am obsessed with it ;) and finally: macaroon boxes... oh my, how fancy is this? i know that probably this is one of those items that has absolutely no use. but it's just so darn cute, you have to have it! 

enough with my compulsive-obsessiveness (don't think that is even a word)... how about you, do you often find yourself obsessing over something and/or everything? please do share! :)

wishing you all a great weekend. and until next time ;)



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