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Monday, December 3, 2012


hi! hope you all had a great weekend. mine was very busy with class and a lot of homework! this weekend i got to see my very special lady friends dance! it was very exciting since one of them has been away from the stage for a while and is a proud momma of two lovely kids (which i love dearly). the performance was a success and the theater was absolutely packed. afterwards we got to chat over calamari and a few beers! ;) 

lately i have been a little obsessed with lovely prints and i feel like whenever i get distracted online i end up on etsy or society6 "window shopping" (not that i need more or have space)... yes, i think i may have a bit of a problem! ;) so today i decided to share my obsession with you. some are from my own personal collection and others are definitely on my list for when we get a bigger apartment. there is seriously no more room in our tiny one bedroom city apartment. 

the first one is a personal favorite. i found it while browsing through etsy (favorite web site in the whole world) and instantly fell in love with the artist. it now hangs behind the couch in our living room. number two is a super fun and affordable print. i went a little crazy with this one and decided to hang it in our bathroom. i know it is not what you expect to see when you first enter, but it sure gives the space some personality. plus, chris and i absolutely love it there! three and four are on my need-it-when-we-have-more-space list. the original "love" painting maybe going in our future kitchen... and the brunette girl with the bun has a special place on my dresser, along with a few other watercolors. do you have any art in a non-traditional place in your home? if so, please do share! ;) 

thanks for coming back and until next time!



  1. quando leio seus 'posts" parece que estamos conversando. Adoramos!


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