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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

hello there! today i have a little something for you...

i don't know about you, but because i work in front of a computer 40 hours a week (plus all the extra time at home) i take my desktop picture very seriously ;) i am always on the look out for something pretty and unique that will make me feel special when i am hard at work! even though i have an inspiration board right in front of my computer (very cool!) it is hard to stare at the default windows/mac desktop images - right? i usually use lovely prints i find online or just design something myself. since not everyone has the knowledge to do so, i decided to create something specially for your desktop, ipad, iphone (or any other gadgets you may have). do you have any inspiration boards around your workspace? if not it is totally worth making one. not only is it so much fun, but it actually does help you focus and never forget what your aspirations and dreams are no matter how big they may be! we all have those big big dreams that can easily slip our minds while dealing with bills and responsibilities, but it never hurts to hang them up where you can always see them. and maybe one day when you are feeling discouraged and frustrated you will catch a glimpse of it hanging up on your board and it will surely bring a smile to your face! simple things like that make a world of a difference.

please feel free to copy the image to your computer. sorry i did not make a file for you to download, but i encountered some technical difficulties along the way! (still trying to get a hang of all this) :)

hope you enjoy it as much as i do and until next time!



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