christmas is that you?

Friday, December 4, 2015

I can't believe December is finally here! It may sound cheesy, but this IS the best time of the year. I love how people come together to celebrate each other and spend quality time side by side. Maybe it's the colder weather that brings people closer, or perhaps the desire to celebrate an accomplished year. All I know is that the air is crispier and the smell of fresh pine trees make me wish that every month was December. And let's not forget all the twinkle lights...

This will be the very first time we spend the holidays at home. Partly because this 34 week pregnant gal can't really go anywhere at this point, but I love that we will be able to host my parents here for the holidays. With that said, I get to pick out a tree and decorate our cozy little home. With the baby coming after the holiday, I want to keep it simple - b&w stripes, gold and silver accents with a hint of the outdoors. While in Tahoe for Thanksgiving, my mom and I went on a hunt and brought back a whole bag of fresh pinecones from the woods behind our cottage. They smell amazing and will definitely be going everywhere around our little apartment.

What are you planing this Christmas - staying in or going out? If you're off on an exotic adventure, please do share. I would love to live vicariously through you while I lounge my big ole belly on the couch.

Hope you come back soon,

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