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Monday, April 27, 2015

Sometimes I daydream of having a different career.

Being in a completely offbeat environment and doing diverse things, brings a certain excitement to my daily life. Call me crazy, but I have never imagined myself doing one thing for more than a couple of years. Off course, adulthood hit me hard and I set out on a stable and steady career path. But if I had to choose, today, what I would be doing this year, it would be interior design.

Of course, reading is what I do most of my spare time, and is probably the job I would want to do forever and ever. Want to pay me to read and write/talk about my thoughts and feelings? I would be thrilled to. Yes, that is my dream job. However, not many people seem that interested in the novels I am so captivated by, so I think I'll stick to home decor. Navigating interior design sites is definitely number two on my list and like many gals out there, HGTV is my favorite channel to binge watch. When we still had cable (we went cable free a year ago), it was on all day. Even when I wasn't watching. I mean all day long. I had seen all House Hunters episodes maybe three times and would catch myself humming opening songs more than I would like to admit. It was comforting, and made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Kind of like how Gilmore Girls does. (any kids from the 90's here?!)

As any obsessed human being, I am on point with my HGTV contests. It just so happen to be Smart Home season and everyday I wait patiently for that email reminding me to enter the contest!! This particular house has me jumping up and down with excitement. First off it's in Austin, TX. Hands down, my favorite city ever. Second, it's a modern farmhouse. Needless to say this is my dream home. With that said, I wanted to share some of the amazing features in this house.

Let's start off with the kitchen...

Open floor plan, amazing hardwood floors and backsplash... leading us into the gorgeous dining room.

 Followed by the living room. This would be my reading area for sure.

The back deck is simple and cozy. Makes me want to fire up that grill! I mean, have the husband fire up the grill...

And to wrap things up, this amazing master bedroom. Maybe I would change a few details, like the artwork. But other than that, I'll take it as is.

Fingers crossed I get to call this home! I know it's very unlikely, but a girl can dream right?

Hope you come back soon,

p.s: all images from hgtv.com 


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