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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy December guys! I still can't wrap my head around the fact that we are in the last month of the year. I am also very excited, because December is the Friday of months, right? It is finally acceptable to watch Christmas movies, sing carols and bake an absurd amount of sugar cookies. 

To wrap up the month, I wanted to share our Thanksgiving trip to Zion National Park, in Utah. Let me begin by saying that Utah is one of the most gorgeous states I have ever been to. Its one of a kind landscape gives you a feeling of calmness and makes you wonder why people love the hustle and bustle of concrete jungles. We started our holiday weekend in Vegas, on Tuesday night and after enjoying two nights in Sin City, we drove to Southern Utah. 

The following days were amazing! Beautiful landscape, fresh mountain air and a few hiking trails to burn off all the sugar cookies I was talking about :)  

On our last day before heading back home, we decided to take Lady on a walk down the Virgin River. It was just what we all needed to say goodbye to all this amazingness. 

It was definitely a different kind of Thanksgiving, nonetheless we were able to celebrate with our own little family. To be thankful for what we have crafted out of love and patience. To cherish nature around us and to let go of the things that deep down inside have little significance. The big things are usually the ordinary that already surrounds and embraces us. You just have to stop, sit still and breath it all in. After days like these it is always clear to me that what I actually need was always here... just waiting for me to notice it.   

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend! Now let's put on some Christmas music, heat up the apple cider and do a little happy dance around the tree, shall we? 




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