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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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The alarm goes off, you turn around and try to reach for your phone. After feeling the nightstand with your hands  for a few seconds while your eyes are still closed, you find it and can't help but hit the snooze button. Even though the phone is telling you to get out of bed, your sleepy self knows there is another alarm coming on in the next 5 minute window. 

Does this morning routine sound familiar to you? This is exactly what goes on every single work day morning for me! The feeling of never wanting to get out of bed takes over me and I can barely open my eyes to turn the alarm off... Even though I clearly went to bed at 9 pm the night before, there is nothing that will get me out of bed with the first ring of the alarm. Well, there is one except to this rule: coffee! Freshly brewed coffee. This is the only cure to my love for sleep. Black, no sugar, french pressed Brazilian coffee will get me out of my sleepy mode in no time! 

This is why this adorable color block design has been on my mind, ever since I found it online. Even though the content is not Brazilian, Guatemalan coffee with a side of good design is something I am okay with any day! 

Designed by Also Known As, the main objective of the project was to re-think the traditional packaging methodology used for coffee. "Used as a tool to showcase our ability to think and work beyond the convention, we determined from the out-set that drawing inspiration from uncommon sources was essential to the success of the project (...) An attractive shape, an airtight seal, something unexpected. This container delivers on all counts, but how to break from the unfriendly, industrial, and for all intensive purposes toxic associations we as consumers have made with that form?" 

For that the designers did right in adopting a bright yet soft color pallette combined with elegant and approachable type, that helps soften the bran against the harshness of the metal material of the packaging.  

Now, I can say I am in the mood for a cup of coffee. In a local little coffee shop with hand crafted wooden chairs and on a brightly hued mug! Wishful thinking for a Wednesday morning? 


p.s: check out Also Known As pinterest and instagram account. All sorts of inspiring things are happening over there! 


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