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Monday, July 28, 2014

All images via clementinedaily.com

If I had to pick one online publication that speaks to me and that inspires me on a daily basis it would have to be Clementine daily! I don't even remember how I ever came across such wonderful website, but all I can say is that I am glad I did. The gals at Clementine sure get me and they talk about everything I would love to talk her on my little blog and inspire me to do so. They incorporate all the lovely things in life - and I'm not just talking about pretty dresses and statement necklaces. Little things that are ever so important for us to truly live a full life with the people we love and with ourselves. Without further ado here is their ever so charming manifesto: 

"Clementine believes in the simplest of pleasures – the power of worn denim, her sister’s famous chocolate-chip cookie recipe and a fresh bouquet of hand-picked lilacs. She’s been known to burn the chicken when hosting dinner. Her library card is wrinkled and frayed. She paints outside the lines (and toenails). She never underestimates the power of mismatched throw pillows. She values wisdom over smarts and authenticity over perfection. Her thank you notes are handwritten (and OK, quite late). She’s an expert napper. She hates the phone, but loves the conversation. She always packs a spare, usually in the wrong handbag. She’s afraid of spiders, but not of hard work. She loves a good thunderstorm. She sings off-key (and oft). She’ll choose strawberry ice cream every time. She loves style,  not fashion. Her best ideas come to her in the shower. She pet-sits for neighbors. Mascara makes her sneeze. She believes that table crumbs are dinner’s confetti. She’s still on the hunt for her signature scent. She’s ever-growing, ever-changing, ever-learning. She’s a barista, a chauffeur, a chef, a teacher, a student, a therapist, a personal shopper, a cheerleader, an interior designer and a housekeeper. She’s better than good enough. She’s Clementine."

If I were you, I would run over to their site and sign up for their newsletter. Also, they sure do brighten my Instagram feed

And ohhh, this video... 

p.s: this blog post was not sponsored by clementine daily. these are my opinion only! 



  1. That is a really cute video!! Thanks for introducing me to Clementine :) xoxo


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