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Friday, April 25, 2014

Image via Water In My Print Esty shop
Happy Friday sweet friends! As I wrote on my previous post: WE ADOPTED A DOG! I can't even believe it. It still seems surreal that now this tiny furry little thing depends on me to eat, drink water and go for walks. I know this is far from actually being a mom and having a baby, however Chris and I feel like we just did! :) 

Anyway, her name is Lady. Full name Lady Georgia Hodges. I know, a very unusual name for a fluffy dog, but let's just say that when we decided on it we (might) have been sipping on champagne... I have been trying to take a picture of her in my Warby Parkers just to share it here on the blog, however she didn't seem very fond of the idea and didn't cooperate. So, I went to etsy to find the perfect picture and found this precious one. Lady is not brown and does not wear bow-ties, but I just could't resist with this dog's cuteness! 

She is a 8 month old Pappilon mix. Her favorite activities consist of carrying our shoes around the apartment, taking long naps on the couch, and hanging out on our lap! We are super happy to welcome this sweet little lady to our home. Common' isn't she the cutest?? For more adorable puppy pictures, visit me on Instagram

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and until next time! 



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