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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Photo via Oliver Jeffers
You guys, time has been passing by so incredibly fast. Between work, yoga, car washing and all my daily routine, I feel like blogging has not been a priority in my life. I'm not talking about writing about other people's work and achievements here... but actually spilling the beans and opening my heart out. Yeah, that kind of blogging can be kind of overrated, but it was the reason why I started in the first place. With that said here is what was been going on in my life lately...

We are all in what seems like a never ending struggle to fit more and more in our daily routines and sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on something. I feel like while I hustle, life is just flying by and I’m not even paying attention to it. I am a full believer that “Life is a journey and not a destination”, even though sometimes I seem to ignore the fact. Even though I know it’s not the best approach, it happens more than I would like to admit… 

Lately I've had an itch though. There is something deep down inside me that is yelling "STOP"!!! ha! Okay, maybe I am hearing things, but one thing is for sure, I am actually taking time to appreciate my journey through life. Slowing down. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and watching the stars in silence. It is definitely not like me. Nothing bothers a city girl more than silence and noting to do! Trust me, there was never a day in my life that I didn't have plans and the whole idea of moving to the country side sounded like death to me. What do people even do in the country, I would ask myself. However, I am getting it. Little by little, I am understanding why it is so important to stop, look around and actually have time in silence. Time to not worry about how you have yet to see the musical that everyone is talking about. Or how you haven't gone to the bar that has the best ($14) cocktail! I do not mean to offend anyone here. city or country people. This is just my confusing thoughts and feelings about my life, my choices and, most importantly how it is okay to change. How family and people are far more important than things. That life is yours to cherish and embrace however you like it to. No matter what others around you see fit. 

Even if you are not where you want you be, it's okay. Actually it is more than okay, it is splendid! I will keep traveling down these weird winding road, and even with the speed bumps and pot holes I already see coming my way.... it will be a delightful ride. So why won't you join me? Good companions are always welcome!   



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